How Hot are my New Eye Candy Circle Lenses!!??!!

Circle Lenses were invented in Korea...go figure.

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Did you know Seoul has the most plastic surgeons per capita than any city in the WORLD? You actually have to submit a photo of yourself with your resume just to get a job. Yeah.. really..I'll get into plastic surgery in Korea in another post. 

Basically Circle contacts are larger, soft contact lenses made to go beyond the iris and manipulate the ratio between the iris (color) and the eye (white); you get the appearance of a larger iris The lenses create an illusion of large, doll-like eyes.

Japanese Pop Teen Model Kumicky wearing Barbie King Candy Brown
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I used to have the lenses with the black ring around them... looked pretty scary; as in my entire iris looked like a huge black pupil--- try explaining that to a cop when he pulls you over.. 
*photos courtesy of*

(In my girliest high pitched voice) Um Occiferr I can totally explain why my pupils look like I've been doing drugs. It's this huge trend Korea and well they're contact lenses made to make you look like super know like a doll. he he ;) Can you only imagine. 

I purchased the Bambi Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown

They had my prescription strength -3.50
Price: $27.00 for the pair
Duration: 1 Year

I'm a sucker for cute packaging! 

They include a complimentary contact lens case too

I'm wearing the contacts with minimal makeup and no false lashes

DAMN this picture is close up.. but at least you can see how much of a difference the lenses and lashes made. 

I'm also seeing a dermatologist for my FRACKNE... gross. I know. I'll be posting my progress in a photo timeline so you can see the eventual transformation! 

From the side
My BAD for the cheesy fake smile, photobooth took forever..

Hee haww that's my review! 


Anonymous,  May 17, 2011 at 8:09 PM  

OMG, this is adorable. Thank you for the posts - they made me raugh....

Princess Fruit Fly May 27, 2011 at 3:34 PM  

Thank you! Check out their website!

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