Who is Princess Fruit Fly?

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for my lack of technical writing skills as writing is not my strong suit. All opinions and topics discussed are from my own experiences and research. The tone of this blog is fun, humorous, uplifting and of course a tad bit catty (just a little). If isn’t your cup of tea; please visit these highly recommended sites: YNJ.org Wow.net and EvenBetter.lol.
It all started out the spring of 2006 when I met my future Gay Husband, (see Straight Girls Guide to her Gay Org Chart), Joe. We just so happened to work for the same company in Seattle, WA. I can’t say it was love at first sight but damn that man can dress!

It was my birthday weekend and I asked him to take me out to Capitol Hill (it’s the Gay area in Seattle). I was REALLY over the whole Straight party scene and like the naive Straight girl I was, I wanted to experience the FABULOUS GAUHAY PARTY scene. So Joe took me out for 4 weekends that May of 2006 and I realized it was a straight girls PARADISE! Parties with SIGNIFICANTLY hotter men that dressed and smelled better, told me how amazingly beautiful I was and how much they LIVED FOR my hair/makeup/dress/shoes, not to mention the really, really strong drinks.
These beautiful, smart, amazing men; without hesitation, opened their arms and invited me in; to share their lives, experiences, and most of all loyal friendship with me. I cannot say how much I adore my Gays and how they’ve impacted my life over the past several years.

I convinced Joe to start a Gay events company with me and Gemini Events was born. I’ve had the honor to work with Human Rights Campaign, Lifelong Aids Alliance, GLAAD, Approve Ref 71.; as a way to give back to the community who adopted me so warmly.

Washington State Law APPROVED Ref. 71; preserving all domestic partnership law!

GLAAD Media Awards

LifeLong AIDS Alliance

View the Gaylantropic Tab for More Pics

This is my blog about my journey though life and how I became to be ME..Nadia. A strong, self-confident, independent, WOMAN through the love, advice, and encouragement that only my Gays provided me.

I may not be a friend of Dorothy’s but she’s my BFF...I got her some updated shoes so she can get her crazy azz home to Kansas...Holler!


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